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We provide a diverse array of insurance services, ranging from coverage for cars, homes, boats, and RVs, to health and life insurance.

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You Insurance ensures that individuals can invest in insurance policies with confidence, creating a protective shield around their valuable possessions.


You Insurance Agency places a strong emphasis on personalized service. With a commitment to avoiding obnoxious call centers, the agency ensures that each client experiences a familiar voice with every call.


Beyond its role as an insurance provider, You Insurance Agency actively contributes to the community by spreading knowledge on financial literacy. Recognizing the importance of informed decision-making.

what is covered?

Everyone wants to have a fun and safe time while playing in the water! Boat Insurance covers your boat, your guest, and other people and their belongings.

  • Powerboats, sailboats, Jet Skis, WaveRunners

  • Liability including damage to you or other boats

  • Medical coverage for you, your family or guest on your boat

Did you know?

your Coverage depends on the qualifications of the type, size, age, and value of your boat.

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Boat & homeowners

You may have boat insurance coverage through your homeowners policy. Homeowners policies cover up to $1,500 of boat coverage.

Is the homeowners boat coverage enough?

Homeowners policies covers up to $1,500 of your watercraft. A separate policy will provide you with additional coverage for higher limits to catered to the classifications of your boat.

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